Acrobats appeared in circuses, carnivals, and in many public spaces, both indoor and outdoor. They include daredevils, equilibriists and funambulists.

Here is a list of images soon to be uploaded:
Two Black Diablos With Bicycle Highwire [d]
Arab Acrobatic Acts
The Austins,Ted and Jackie "Hands on Skates on Rocker on Footballs" [d]
Babusio & Dax [d]
Daredevil Dan
The Great Delrae "Stunts top of a 75 foot Pole" [d]
The Two Diamonds "Whirls of Death" [d]
The Eduardo's [d]
Daredevil Leslie Gadsby [d]
The Original Hodginis [d]
Human Cannonball
Hurburts, Triple Bar Experts [d]
Iron Jaw Ground
Iron Stomach
Kishizuna Imperial Japanese Troupe [d]
Launtz, Human Fly [d]
Londé and Tilly (G. Londé) [d]
The Great Mario and Zoraide [d]
Raglan [d]
Rice and Elmer [d]
Buddy Ross & Alice Ross [d]
Soretty and Antionette [d]
Thriller, Harry [d]
The Westwoods [d]
Wible, Floyd, Midget [d]
Wilno The Great

Unidentified Spiderweb Acrobat [d]
Unidentified Unicyclist Juggler [d]
Unidentified Acrobats At Illinois Fair
Unidentified Upside-Down Wire-Walker [d]