Hottentot Venus Satire Etching

Etching of The HOTTENTOT VENUS (Saartjie Baartman, ca. 1789–1815) by William HEATH (1794–1840). LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT OR A PAIR OF HOTTENTOTS. London: S.W. Fores, November 15, 1810. Satirical hand-colored etching depicts Baartman at the right, with Lord William Grenville, dressed similarly, holding her left wrist while she grasps an upright staff in her right hand. The dialogue between the parties centers, in a satirical manner, on the subject of the “broad bottom family” and a potential union between Baartman and a member of the Grenville clan. 13¼ × 8 1/2". BM Satires 11577.

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