Zak Crouch

Owner, Emcee, and working act of Tinderbox Circus Sideshow. Captain Darron has been in the business of being freaky for 12 years. Captain Darron von Awesome has studied the sacred arts of self mutilation, learned the deadly dances of the macabre and bizarre, and mastered the mazes of the mind and soul of all that is ugly in the world, and returned unscathed. Baptized in the polluted waters of Kentucky and washed in the black smoke of the unholiest of flames of madness and boredom, Awesome has honed his body into a vessel of torture and amazement, and he now brings the sights and stories of his travels to you, the unwary viewer. Cover your eyes, but leave room to peek, because you won't want to miss what Captain Darron von Awesome has in store for you.