Mr. Marvel's Wondertorium

Mr. Marvel invites you to join him in this brand new adventure. Join him in an hour packed experience where you will witness one of a kind performances such as fire eating, glass walking, contortion, and a man who climbs into a giant six foot balloon.

In addition to the mind blowing performances, audiences will get up and close to bizarre attractions and strange animals. Shrunken heads, check. Four-Legged Fish, check. A ship made of 5,000 matchsticks, check. Joining these curiosities are almost 100 more attractions that the audience will be able to examine and even hold if they are brave enough

Mr. Marvel's Wondertorium mixes old-fashioned circus thrills with tomorrow's curiosities into an unforgettable family friendly experience. Featuring 10 live acts and 100 attractions, there is something for everyone. Sit back, relax, and enjoy "America's Strangest Show."

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