Jay Braggart

I started as a stage musician at the age of 15 performing in Punk Rock and Metal bands until the age of 28. Making the switch to circus sideshow was an easy choice since I have always been fascinated with circuses, clowns, freaks and anything strange. In 2009 I started my first performance group which came to be the Braggart Family Sideshow Circus performing at festivals, conventions and private parties all over Texas and beyond.

In 2012 I worked a season with World of Wonders where I had the great fortune of working with and being mentored by Ward Hall, Chris Christ, Red Stuart and Tommy Breen to name a few. Returning back to Texas I formed Strange Danger Thrill Show with Ginger B. Goode and am still working under the name all over the country with a touring vaudeville-style variety show and a very comical Pirate version of the show.

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