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above, Real Photo Postcard of Major Ganz with his custom cart and chair.
Midgets, Dwarves, Small Folk.

Carte D'Visite by WING'S of Major Tot (Thanks to Elizabeth Anderson for ID) Circa 1870.


List of Performers:
Ackenheil, Ignatz [e]
Adams, Eddie (born Adam Edwin Kozicki)(Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz")
Adams, Lucy (Sister of Sarah Adams)(Thumbiana & Liliputian Opera Company)
Adams, Sarah (Sister of Lucy Adams)(Thumbiana & Liliputian Opera Company)
Adella (also Mlle. Adele) "The Living Doll" (Royaume de Liliput de Paris)
[e] Admiral Dot (born Leopold Kahn, Uncle of Samuel Kahn, "Major Atom") (Liliputian Opera Company)[d, e, jm] Admiral Thumb
[blk 0-249] Admiral Tom Thumb (born Jan Hannema) "Admiral van Tromp" [e]
Akers, Carrie "Midget Fat Lady" Alden, Darius Abner "Glass-Blowing Dwarf" [mh]
Alfred [e]
Allen, Thomas (Bartholomew Fair, London)
Allison, Gladys W.(Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz")
Ames, Lizzie (also Lizzie Reed, Lizzie Reid)
Andre, Miss Hansi (Midget equestrienne at Tiny Town)
Anita, The Living Doll Anny [e] Ansley, Edmond (also Edmund) Armstrong, Jimmy "Little Jimmy Circus Bugler" (1952 film "The Greatest Show On Earth") [e] [cew]
Arthur, Major (Johnny J. Jones Midgets)
Ashberry, Mary
Askens, Mrs. Clifford
Aslett, Fred "Pip"
Austin, Jerry (1932 film "Freaks")
[blk 0-198-202] [e]
Baby Olive (Eiler's Big Show) [e] Baby Venus Bagonghi (born Andrea Bernabe 1850, Died 1920) [e] Bagonghi (born Giuseppe Bignoli 1889, Died 1939) [e] Bakyoni, Susanna [e] Ballard, Vera (also Cura Ballard) [e] Ballas, John (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e] Ballow, James [e]
Balluck, Josefine
(sister of Mike Balluck?) (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e] Balluck, Mike (born Franz Balluck, brother of Josefine Balluck?) (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e] Bambury, John T. (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz" "The Terror Of Tiny Town" "Superman and the Mole Men") [e] Barren, Walter Freeman [e] Barnett, Jack [e] Barnett, Master Herbert [e] Baron Paucci Baroness Jrmgard [e]
Baroness Madeleine
(Johnny J. Jones’s Midgets) [e] Becker, Charles (also Charley) (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz" "The Terror Of Tiny Town") [e] Belton, Sarah “Sadie” (Thumbiana & Liliputian Opera Company) [e]
Behnke, John
Behrens, Henry
(also Jack Fullford) [e] Bennett, Barbara (also Jenson)
"World's Smallest Mother" [rl7] [e]
Bester, Madge (born 1963. Currently the world’s smallest living woman. [e]
Bellon, Anita (born Edith Barlow) "Anita the Living Doll" [e]
Ber, Adele
Bernadet, Denis "Prince Denis" "Prince Dennison" "The Most Diminutive Human" "Deniso, L’homme Microscopique"
[e] (Les Marechal Midgets, Singer’s Midgets, Johnny J. Jones Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz" "The Terror Of Tiny Town") [e]
Bernadet, Marguerite "Princess Marguerite" "The Doll Lady" "Marguerita, la Poupee Bearnaise" (The Bearnais Doll)
[e] (Les Marechal Midgets, Johnny J. Jones Midgets) [e]
Bernadet, Mary Jeanne "Lady Little" "The Doll Lady"
(Johnny J. Jones Midgets) [e]
Bernhardt, Emma
(Thumbiana & Liliputian Opera Company) [e]
Besky, Freda
(Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e]
Black, Danny
(performer and entrepreneur of, talent agency for dwarves) Black Prince, The (Shown at the Duke of Marlborough’s Head on Fleet Street, London) [e]
Boehming, Walter (also Walter Boning)
Boer, Simon
(Royaume de Liliput de Paris) [e]
Boers, Henry (brother of Theodore "Teddy" Boers)
(Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e]
Boers, Theodore “Teddy” (brother of Henry Boers)
(Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e]
Boruwlaski, Anastasia (sister of Joseph Boruwlaski)
Boruwlaski, Count Josef Boughton, Little Helen [e]
Bowman, Betty (Wife of Bud Bowman)
[e] Bowman, Bud (Husband of Betty Bowman) [e]
Bowman, Frank
Boykin, Dolletta "The World’s Smallest Mother [e] Boykin, Major (Married to Dolletta Boykin) [e]
Bregant, Inez Louis
(Married to Jean Louis) Bregant, Jean "Prince Colibri" (Married to Inez Louis)
Brown, Dixie Lee
Brown, Tina
[blk 0-185]
Buck, Mr. C. H. (second? husband of Dolletta Boykin)
Burdett, Fannie (twin sister of Major Burdett)
Burdett, Major (twin brother of Fannie Burdett)
Buresh, Christie (Sister of Eddie and Lida Buresh)
(Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e]
Buresh, Eddie (Brother of Christie and Lida Buresh)
(Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e]
Buresh, Lida (Sister of Christie and Eddie Buresh)
(Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e]
Cameron, Don
Camiham, Bertha Captain Claude
[blk 0-252] Cardenas, General [e]
Carnihan, Bertha (also Bertha Camiham, Bertha Cunningham, Beula Carnahan)
Carr, Mrs. Lee
[blk 0-597,mr98] Carroll, Mickey (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e] Carter, Thomas [e]
Carver, General Willis
[d] [e]
Cazotte (Marco Catozze) "Armless & Legless Dwarf"
[fd142] Chaffer's Wonder Midget Troup [blk 0-605,mr103] Chanoski, Paul [blk 0-192] Charlet, Otto [e]
[e] Che-Mah (Chung Mow?) [d] [e] Chesworth, George (Married to Ida Chesworth)
“World’s Smallest Perfect Man and Woman” “The World’s Smallest Dancers” [e] Chesworth, Ida (Married to George Chesworth) [e] Chiquita (born Alizia Espiridiona) "Alice Zenda" "Mrs. Anthony C. Woeckner" "The Living Doll" "The Cuban Atom" (Thumbiana & Lilliputian Opera Company)[mm87][e] Cilla, Felix "Cousin Itt" [jackdrac] Clare, Rose [e]
Clever, Frau (Married Herr Clever)
Clever, Herr (Married Frau Clever)
Clifton, Mr. & Mrs. (Parents of Myrna Clifton)
(Midget City, 1934 Century of Progress) [e]
Clifton, Myrna (Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Clifton)
(Midget City, 1934 Century of Progress) [e]
Clowes, Anne
Coan, John (Exhibited before Royal Society 1751, Bartholomew Fair, Dwarf Tavern in the Five Fields at Chelsea 1762) [e]
Cockburn, Martha
Colonel Casper
(Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz", Police Chief of Gibsonton, Florida) [e] Colvin, Major [e] Commodore Foote (aka Charles Nestel) Commodore Nutt Cooke, Anne (Sister of Daniel, Eliza and Susan Cooke) [e] Cooke, Daniel (Brother of Anne, Eliza and Susan Cooke) [e]
Cooke, Eliza
(Sister of Daniel, Anne and Susan Cooke) [e]
Cooke, Susan
(Sister of Daniel, Eliza and Anne Cooke) [e]
Cooley, Jimmy
Cooper, Nona
"The American Doll Lady" (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e] Coppernin (Court dwarf of Princess Augusta of Wales, and the last court dwarf in England) [e]
Coretta Cotton, Tommy (born Tommy Cottonaro, also Thomas J. Cotton) (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e] Coulter, Elizabeth (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e] Count P. Nichol
[mr31] Cox, Colonel Albert (married to Mrs. Albert Cox) (Lester’s Midgets) [e]
Cox, Mrs. Albert (married to Mr. Albert Cox)
(Lester’s Midgets) [e]
Criqui, Major Albert J.
[d][e] Croft, “Idaho” Lewis (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e] Cucksey, Anne (also Ann. Married to Frank Cucksey) [e] Cucksey, Frank (Married to Anne Cucksey) (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [d][e] Curtis, Billy [blk 0-220]
Cucciola "The Midget Santa"
(1952 film "The Greatest Show On Earth") [e]
Curry, John Francis
Curtis, Billy "Little Billy"
(Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e]
Dainty Dewey Dale, Paul (1950 film "It's A Small World") [e]
David, Eugene S., Jr.
(Brother of Eulie H. David) (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz", 1985 film "Doin' Time") [e] David, Eulie H. (Brother of Eugene S. David, Jr.) (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e]
Davis, Major
(Thumbiana & Lilliputian Opera Company) [e]
Day, Thomas
(Exhibited at Bartholomew Fair, 1825) [e]
de Barcsy, Baron Nicu (Son of bearded lady Sidonia de Barcsy)
deKay, Count
(Thumbiana & Lilliputian Opera Company) [e] Decker, General Charles [e]
de laCruz,Juan and Martina "The Smallest People in the World"[e] de losSantos, Don Santiago [e] Delphino, Frank J. (also Frank Delfino) "The World’s Smallest Violinist" (1968 film "Planet of the Apes", 1971 film "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory") [e] Del Rios, Three (see below) DelRio, Delores (Hamid’s Million Dollar Pier, Johnny J. Jones Midgets; 1939 New York World’s Fair) [e] DelRio, Paul (Hamid’s Million Dollar Pier, Johnny J. Jones Midgets; 1939 New York World’s Fair) [e] DelRio, Trinidad (also Trinidad Rodriguez) (Hamid’s Million Dollar Pier, Johnny J. Jones Midgets; 1939 New York World’s Fair) [e] Denis, Ethel W. (married to “Prince Denis”) "Princess Ethel" (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e]
Denkinger, A. (appeared with normal-sized son as "Munchener Original-Duett" Munich’s Original Duet)
Diki Diki, Panglima
[dpm20] Doll Family (Grace, Tiny, Harry & Daisy Schneider) Doll, Daisy (born Hilda E. Schneider, also Daisy Earles) [e]
(RBBB Circus, 1928 film "Three-Ring Marriage", 1932 film "Freaks", Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz", 1950 film "The Greatest Show on Earth")
Doll, Grace (born Freida Schneider, also Gracie, Grace Earles, Grace Finley)
(RBBB Circus, 1931 film "Be Big", Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz")
Doll, Harry (born Kurt Schneider, also Hans, Harry Earles; Harry Finley)
[e] (RBBB Circus, 1925 film "The Unholy Three", 1928 film "Three-Ring Marriage", 1930 film (remake) "The Unholy Three", 1932 film "Freaks", Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz") [e]
Doll, Tiny (born Elly Annie Schneider. also Tiny Earles)
(RBBB Circus, 1928 film "Three-Ring Marriage", 1931 film "Special Delivery", 1931 film "Be Big", Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz")
[e] Doll Princess, The [e]
Dollmeta (mother of Lester, midget)
[e] Dolores and Shirley (identical twins) [e] Draper, Captain Samuel [e] Doyle, Major James D. (1933 Century of Progress, Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e] Dunn, Michael (born Gary Neil Miller) [e] Dutton, Dolly (Thumbiana & Lilliputian Opera Company) [e] The Dwarf Of The World (Exhibited at the Brandy Shop, Stocks Market, London, 1700) Eagle Midgets Eagles, Harry Earles,Harry & Grace (also Hansel and Gretel) Ebert, Franz
Edwards, Millie (born Emily Edwards, married to Francis Flynn i.e. "General Mite") "Mrs. Mite"
El Ingles, Don Antonio
[mm97] Erickson, Carl M. (also Kayo Erickson) (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e] Esmiliaire, Adrien (also Adrienes; Little Adrien; Le Liliputien Celebre "The Famous Liliputian"; Le Roi des Nains "The King of the Dwarves")
Farrel, Owen
[mm96] Felda (also Zelda) "midget woman with mustache"[blk 0-230] [e] Evans, Tiny LaVonda (Married to Alva Evans, an achondroplastic dwarf) [e]
Evans, Alva (Midget clown. Husband of Tiny LaVonda)
Farrell, Owen
(1700's) [e] Ferreira, Antonio "Fipps" "The Dutch Midget" [e] Finley, Grace & Harry (also see Harry & Grace Doll, Kurt Schneider)
[blk 0-744,mr126] Fisher, Colonel [e]
Fisher, Princess Lucy
(1884 Drew’s Dime Museum, 1890's Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show) [e] Flament, Baroness Simone "Duchess Simone" "The Smallest Personality" (Les Marechal Midgets) [e] Flynn, Francis Joseph "General Mite" [gd] Foote, Commodore (born Charles Nestel) (Thumbiana & Lilliputian Opera Company) [e] [ec] Foote, Mrs. "The Fairy Queen" (born Eliza Nestel, wife of Baron Littlefinger, sister
of Commodore Foote) (Thumbiana & Lilliputian Opera Company) [e] [ec]
Foster, Cassie (appeared with sister Victoria as "The Fairy Sisters". Died before the birth of brother Dudley Foster)
[e] Foster, Dudley (Brother of Victoria and Cassie Foster) "General Mite" "Nova Scotian Midget"
[mr49][e] Foster, Victoria (appeared with sister Cassie as "The Fairy Sisters". Died before the birth of brother Dudley Foster) [e]
Fox, Major
Frank, Addie Eva (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz")
Fraulein Angelika
Frohlich, Franzi (married to Fritz Schachel)
[e] Gantz, Major Charles (also Ganz) "The Smallest Man on Earth" [d] [e] Gantz, Sophia Gardner, Thaisa L. (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e] Gaynor, Alice
[blk 0-192] General Littlefinger General Mite (see Flynn, Francis Joseph) General Tom Thumb Gerlich, Jacob “Jackie” (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e] Giblin, William A. (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e]
Gibson, George
Gibson, Richard (also Charles Gibson, married to Anne Shepherd) (Court dwarf to King Charles I)
Glassner's Midgets
[blk 0-604] Glicken, Jack (born Jack Glickstein, married Mildred Monti, fat lady) (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz") [e]
Governor Allen Graf, Lea (born Margaret Furthman. Also Lia Schwartz; Lydia Graf, Lia Graf, Lya) Graham "The Lilliputian Wonder" "The Human Marionette" [e]
Graham, Myrna (also Myrna Brown) "The World’s Smallest Woman" "The World’s Smallest Mother" (1994 Film "The Last American Sideshow")
Granger, Carolyn E. (Singer’s Midgets, "The Wizard of Oz"
) [e]
Grant, General, Jr. (born Edward J. Newell, married Minnie Warren)
(Thumbiana & Lilliputian Opera Company) [e]
[blk 0-271] Greene, Lester "Beetlejuice" (Howard Stern Show regular, 2001 film "Bubble Boy" 2001 film "Scary Movie 2")
Gretl (Dreamland Circus Sideshow)
Grimes, John (England 17??-1736)
Gunther, Willy (1870's-1880's)
Guyet, Lottie
Haas, Caroline (born Helen Louise Haskell) "Miss Caroline" (Horvath's Midgets)
Hackmann, Franz (married Johanna Victoria) (born Germany 1881)
Hackmann, Johanna Victoria (married Franz Hackmann) (born Germany 1883)
Hakl, Frederick
[blk 0-243] Hansel and Gretel (later Harry and Grace) Earles Harner, Major Robert
Hassid, Pasha Hayati "The Turkish Tom Thumb" "The Mayor of Tiny Town" (Royaumme de Liliput de Paris, Tiny Town)
[blk 0-269]
Hauptman, John (born Austria)
Henri (born France 1895)
Herbst, Joseph (Singer’s Midgets, 1938 film "The Terror of Tiny Town" 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz"
) [e]
Henry Kramer's Midget Troupe Hidalgo, Don Francisco (born Spain)
Hill, Margarite Hofbauer, Jakob (Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz") [e]
Holland, P.J. "The Australian Tom Thumb"
Hopkins, Hopkin (also Hokins Hopkins) (born Wales 1736, died 1754)
Horn, Gustav (twin of Paul Horn)
Horn, Paul (twin of Gustav Horn)
Horompo, Feri (brother of Paul Horompo, married "Miss Anna") "Mr. Ferry" (Horvath's Midgets)
Horompo, Paul (brother of Feri Horompo, married "Miss Anna") "Mr. Paul" (Horvath's Midgets, 1952 film "The Greatest Show on Earth")
Horwath, Rosa
[blk 0-207] Hudson, Jeffery [mm95] Houghton, Major Samuel Edward (Thumbiana & Lilliputian Opera Company) [e]
Hovart family of Lilliputians
(born Germany. Barnum & Bailey 1903) [d] Hoy, Elizabeth (Sister of Helen and Marguerite Hoy)
Hoy, Helen M. (Sister of Elizabeth and Marguerite Hoy) (Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz"
) [e]
Hoy, Marguerite A. (Sister of Elizabeth and Helen Hoy) (Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz"
) [e]
Hpoo, Fatma Sing (Sister of Smaun Sing Hpoo)
Hpoo, Smaun Sing (also Suma Smaun, brother of Fatma Sing Hpoo) (Royaumme de Liliput de Paris)
Huber, Colonel
Hudson, Jeffrey "Lord Minimus" (born England 1619, died 1678)
Hulse, James R. (Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz"
) [e]
Hunter, Joseph
Huskins, Frank
Ike & Mike
[ajax101] Irving, Hattie
Jarvis, John (also John Jervis. Page to Queen Mary I.) (born England 1508, died 1556)
Johnson, Chas "The Buffalo Midget"
Jones, Mary "The Shropshire Dwarf" Josefie, Mr. (born 1887) Midget equestrian performer
Kahn, Leopold "Admiral Dot" [fd254] Kannstein, Wilhelm Kassino Midgets Katharina (Wife? of Seppetoni) (born 1869)
Kelley, Charles E.(Brother? of Jessie Kelley) (Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz"
) [e]
Kelley, Jessie E. (also Jessie Becker. Sister? of Charles Kelley) (Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz"
) [e]
Key, Kenney Khusania "The Hindu Dwarf" (Barnum Circus 1899) [e]
Kikel, Frank (Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz"
) [e]
Kiki (born Otto Mokowitz) Dwarf clown
King, Richard Kirkendall, Harold
Kirtland, Ella
(Thumbiana & Lilliputian Opera Company) [e]
Kitchen, Kathy (1973 film "The Mutations"; 1983 film "Angelo My Love")
Klima, Harry (born Bernard Klima) (Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz"
) [e]
Klinkenhart, Charles (brother of Fritz and Gustav) Klinkenhart, Fritz (brother of Charles and Gustav)
Klinkenhart, Gustav (brother of Fritz and Charles)
Klinkert Midgets Kobel, Bernie Koestner, Emma (sister of Willi and Mitzi Koestner) (Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz") [e]
Koestner, Mitzi (sister of Willi and Emma Koestner) (Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz"
) [e]
Koestner, Willi (brother of Emma and Mitzi Koestner) (Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz"
) [e]
Koko, the Killer Klown (born 1975 Antonio J. Torres, Jr.) (Coney Island Sideshow; 2001 film "The Greatest Show on Earth")
Kossi, Howard (married to Madeleine Tichenor)
Koziel, Joseph J. (Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz"
) [e]
Kramer, Dolly F. (Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz"
) [e]
Kramer's Hollywood Midgets
[blk 0-656] Kranzler, Emil (Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz") [e]
Krarer, Miss Olof "The Little Esquimaux Lady"
Krebs, Nita (born 1905 Anna N. Krebs) (Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz"
) [e]
Kritch, Annie
(mustachioed midget woman) [blk 0-231]
LaBarbera, Little Jeane
(Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz") [e] Lady Ethel
[blk 0-243] Lady Jean (Johnny Jones' Midgets) [e] Lady Little [blk 0-247-743] Lange, Hilde (Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz") [e] Leach, Emma
Leal, Johnny "The Miniature Will Rogers" (Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz", 1945 film "An Angel Comes To Brooklyn"
) [e] Lee, Major Le Grande, Pierre (born Holland 1926) "Prince Colibri" "Prince Colobri"
[mm97] [e] Lessing, Major Joe (son of “Dollmeta”) "Lester"[e] Lhaurens, Maria (born 1802) "La Naine Espagnole" (The Spanish Dwarf) Little Count Teddy "The Little Spanish Count" [nd] Little Dot [blk 0-241] Little Edna Little Farey Woman (exhibited at the Harts-Horn Inn, Pye Corner, London) Little Jewel Little Lord Robert Little, Major Little Miracle Town Little Old Woman of Bagdad (exhibited Bartholomew Fair, London 1825)
Little Scotchman (exhibited at Brookfield Market, London 1682)
Little Tom Littlefinger, Dollie (daughter of Major and Mrs. Littlefinger)
Littlefinger, General (also Major Littlefinger; General Kleinfinger)
Littlefinger, Mrs.
Lockhart, Charles (also Charley. Served three terms as Texas State Treasurer) Lolkes, Wybrand (born Holland) (exhibited The Amphitheater near Westminster Bridge & Astley's, London 1790) [e] Love, Arthur (born 1871)
[blk 0-209,mr33] [e]
Ludwig, Charles (born 1885, married Prinzessin Martha) "Prince Ludwig" "Mr. Ludwig" (Royaumme de Liliput de Paris, Tiny Town, Singer’s Midgets, 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz"
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