~ no arms

~ no legs

~ living torsos

Missing limbs through accident, or birth, they learn to walk on hands, roll cigarettes using only their mouths, shoot bullseyes, and display calligraphic precision with their feet. They entertain us with their skills in making what's missing less important than what's there. Amazing entertainers, and inspiring human prodigies.

Most incredible are the Human Torsos, or Half-Boys & Half-Girls, those missing both arms and legs.more>>

above, Real Photo Postcard showing the letterhead of Egoes, "The Incomparable" The Armless Cartoonist "Who Is Handy With The Feet"
Limbless, Armless, Legless, Human Torsos, Half-Girls, Half Boys.

Cabinet Card by Charles Eisenmann of Unidentified One-Legged Performers. Circa 1880's.

From Ruben De Somer:

from Antwerp, Belgium (July 11,1890, Gazette van Gent )
"At the cityhall Tuesday the wedding was celebrated between Mister Roberts (aka Donato), one of the one-legged clowns of the circus and La Femme Serpent (serpent lady). The witness was Thomas, the other clown with one leg, the confrater of the groom, and another artist of the cirque. Also present where two members of the bride's family"


>> (to be continued)


List of Performers:

Armitage, Walter J. "The Man With Feet But No Legs" [d]

Baby Francis [nd]

Baldwin, Professor Lewando "The Armless Memory Artist" (Armless Dwarf) [e]

Biffin, Sarah

Boseth, Warrimeh (also War-Boseth) "The Armless Iroquois Archer" "The Hand-Footed Indian Hunter" "The Iroquois Archer" [mm47] [e]

Buchinger, Mathew (Matthias) (also Buckinger)

Buford, Lorita (also Miss Lorita) "The Armless Wonder" [d] [e]

Bunowy, Nathan (also Bunovy) "Armless Dwarf"[e]

Camilla "L’Artiste sans Bras" "The Artist Without Arms"[e]

Campbell, Robert "Armless Wonder" [d]

Capps, Louise (also Louise Hill) [d] [e]

Cazotte (Marco Catozze) "Armless & Legless Dwarf" [fd142]

Chambers, John (also John Chambert) "The Armless Carpenter" [e]

Champion One Leg Dancer [d]

Child of Austria, The (Legless) [e]

Christina (Armless) [e]

Cole, Bill "Quarter-Man" [rl51]

Coleman, Frank

Cook, Sis [blk 0-708]

Countess Anna

de Leon, Jose "The Armless Marvel" "The Armless Guitarist" [d] [e]

Desmuke, Paul (also Judge) [blk 0-64-65-84]

Ducornet, Cesar (also Louis Cesar, Joseph Ducornet, Cesar Discornet) "Armless Artist" [fd143,mm43] [e]

Easterday, Kenny (Half-Boy) [e]

Eck, Johnny (John Eckhardt, Jr.) "The Half Boy"

Egoes "The Incomparable" "Armless Cartoonist" [d]

Elroy, James "The Armless Trumpeter" [mm46]

Esele, Frank "Freddie, The Armless Wonder"

Eversole, Miss Eva [e]

Farffler, Stephan [mm49]

Fawcett, Beulah [e]

Felu, Charles Francois (also Charles Feliz) "Le Peintre Sans Bras" "The Painter Without Arms" [e]

Ferry, Jesse "Armless Jesse " [nd]

Fithen, Frank E. "Armless Auto Speed King" "Armless Cyclist" [d]

Foster, Miss Rose

Fournier, Rosalie [mm49]

Gawley, Andrew A. "The Steel-Fingered Wonder"

Gazay "Gazay The Great" "Armless" [mm42] [e]

Gay, Thomas "Torso" [mm55]

Gibbs, Alvina "Legless" [mr104]

Gifford, Eddie "One-Legged Virtuoso Cyclist" [mm41]

Hawton, Miss "Without Arms" [mm42]

Hilburn, Dick "The Penguin Boy" [blk 0-706-707-777,mr120]

Horton, Miss (also Miss Hawton) [e]

Huber, John [e]

Jacobsen, Tommy "Toes" "Twinkle Toes" "The Armless Pianist [fd146] [e]

l'Homme Tronc [cjst87]

Kaak, Willy (also Willi) "Den Kleinen Fusskunstler" "The Little Foot-Artist"[e]

Kiba, Oguri (Miss Oguri) [e]

Kilpatrick, Charles G. "One-Legged Trick Cyclist"[nyc]

Kingston, William [e]

Kissell, Eddie [blk 0-3,mr02]

Kleyser, Johann (also John) [e]

Kobelkoff, Nicolai Vassilivich [fd144]

Layman, Forest "Earl, the Armless Boy" [blk 0-50] [e]

Leak, Ann Eliza (later Thompson)

Lee, Annie (Armless) [e]

Lee, Chester A. (Armless) [e]

Lee, Rosa (Armless) [e]

Legless Jack [e]

Lennie, Vic [blk 0-8]

Lilli "The Living Bust" [e]

Mlle. Gabrielle (Gabrielle Fuller) [e]

Mme. Josephine [e]

Lutes, Clarence A. (also Lutz, Professor Lutz) [nd] [e]

McAuliffe, Tommy "The Armless Golfer" [e]

McKeown, Frank "The Armless Ballplayer" [d]

Major John "Armless Banjo Player" "The Turtle Man" [d] [e]

Mlle. Marie [blk 0-51]

Marcus, Hugo [blk 0-70]

Mariot, Margarethe "Fusskunstlerin" "Foot-Artist" [e] [d-A4]

Myers, Ray R. "The Armless Musician"

Miss Tiny "Armless" (Armless dwarf?) [nd] [e]

Morris, Martha "The Armless Wonder" (also known as Margaret Morris) [mm55] [d] [e]

Nellis, Master Sanders K.G. [e]

Nelson, Barney "Stump Armed Child" "Stump Armed Phenomenon" [e]

O'Connor, Francis "The Living Venus di Milo"[d] [e]

Owens, Professor John T. [d] [e]

Persons, Mark "Legless" [mm51]


Phenomena "Armless Artist" [nd]

Philipino Wonder, The [d]

Pilgrim, A. (Albert) A., "Armless-Legless Shootist"

Pohl, Anton [e]

Prince Randion (also Randian) "Living Torso" "Human Caterpillar"

Pushnik, Freda K. "Half-Girl"

Purdon, Dewise [e]

Rapin, Aimee "Armless Artist" [fd143]

Roko Rodgers "Half-Boy" "Frosch-Man"(Frog-Man) [e][d]

Roddy "Armless Caligrapher" [mm42]

Ross, Louellen G. [blk 0-77-78]

Sartoni, Rudi "Armless Violinist & Xylophonist" [blk 0-73] [e]

Schicher, R.H. [e]
Senorita Marie [e]

Simons, John [e]
Skimeer, Edward [e]

Slater, Miss Dorothy "The Accrington Armless Wonder Girl" [e]

Smith, Berniece (also Jeanie Tomaini) [d]

Smith, Kitty (also Katie Smith) [d] [e]

Somerset, Mary Hendricks [e]

Steinkogler, Louis (also Luis Steinkogler) "Universal-Fusskunstler" "Universal Foot-Artist"[e]

Stone, Lillian [e]
Stromynka, Rebecca [e]

Stuart, Walter H. "Texas Jack, One-Armed Whittler" [d]

Sturgeon, Lizzie L. (later "Lizzie Brown") "The Pedal Pianist" [e]

Tomaini, Jeanie (nee Berniece Smith) "Only Living Half-Girl"

Tripp, Charles B.

Unthan, Carl Hermann "Armless Violinist"

Upperman, Wesley (William Wesley Frances Upperman) [blk 0-67 - 0-69] [e]

Vaillancourt, Fred, Legless Dog Driver [d] [csjw]

Valerius, Johannis (John) [mm42,cjst60]

Violetta "Human Torso"

Vivante "La Femme-Buste " [d]

Waldrow, Irene [nd]

Wallace, June "Legless" [e]

Whisenhunt, Larry "Legless"[mm50]

Williams, Alverna (Alverna Babbs, Alvira Gibbs, Alvina Gibbs) "Legless Pilot" [e]

Williams, Harry "Half-Boy" [fd32]

Wilson, “Fearnaught”
Whisant, Joan (also Whisnant, later Joan Beach) [d] [e]

Zandau "The Quarter-Boy" (also Zandu) [d]

Zarate, Lupe "Armless Knife-Thrower" [blk 0-52]


Unidentified Pegleg with Friend in Studio [d]

Unidentified Armless Bald Baby [d]

Unidentified Limbless Baby [d]

Unidentified Armless Civil War Soldier [d]

Unidentified, Two One-Legged Performers [d]

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